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SMART TRACK – A Workshop Automation Application

SMART TRACK – A Workshop Automation Application
Mobile Application
SmartTrack mainly concentrates on reducing the complexity of Handling, Tracking the vehicleby the SERVICE STATION (Workshop).
The purpose of this SmartTrack is to provide Honda Delaership ServiceStationa Smart way of Tracking & Automating the movement of Vehicles from Stage to Stage more effectivelythan the existing manual system. There are some complexities of the existing manual systems like identifying the current stage of the vehicle, reason for delaymovement of the vehicle from one stage to another stage, increase in the customerwaiting time etc., These complexities will be overcomed in SmartTrack.
The application provides an option for scanning the QR Code by the androidmobile at various stages of the service station as listed below:
  • Security
  • Job card
  • Water wash
  • Mechanic
  • Test drive
  • Final verification
  • Billing
  • Delivery
For all the above stages a maximum time limit for completion of the job is fixed. If thevehicle exceeds the time limit at any stage, it will be notified in the application. Once allthe stages are completed, billing will be processed and the vehicle will be parked in thedelivery area for departure. And finally notification will be sent to the customer,intimating that the vehicle is ready for departure with bill amount.
  1. Vehicle Tracking Starting from Security Entry to Security Out
  2. A Complete App Based System
  3. All Modules were simplified with QR Scanning System, where no Manual Typing work included.
  4. Easy to handle by any Role as it just needs a QR Scanning Alone
    • Scan IN for vehicle taken for work.
    • Scan OUT on completion of work.
  5. For Each Role – On Every Scan IN & Scan OUT, the Work time will be calculated which is measured as per HONDA SOG & Recorded.
  6. Thereby Efficiency of Each Role (Technicians, Advisors, Etc) is Analysed & Summarised as Reports.
  7. Helps Monitoring Ideal Manpower & physical difficulties in Current System thereby improving the Vehicle Service Volume Day by day.
  8. Instant Reports for Works Manager, Supervisors, Advisors & Service Manager in Mobile App & Web Portal to track the Current Status of Each Vehicle.
  9. A Separate Login for Dealership Owner & Managers to Monitor & Analyse Efficiency of Each Resources (Advisors, Technicians) Graphically.
  10. Customer is provided with the WEB Link as SMS (Once the vehicle Jobcard is completed) where they can track the Current Status of thei Vehicle.
  11. A Separate TV Unit is placed in a customer Longue where Status of Every Vehicle is Displayed & Scrolled.
  12. Another Monitor Screen placed in the Floor for alerting the Technicians for the Vehilce, which is running out of alloted time & going to Lapse in few mins of allotted time.
  13. Instant Feedback is collected at the time of Payment.
  14. After Two Days (Can Modify) from vehicle Serviced, SMS will be sent to that Customer with the WEB Link which is asking Feedback Questions for the Service & Recorded for reporting.
  15. Where we got a 100% True Feedback from the Customer.
  16. If the Customer provides Negative Feedbacks for More Questions (we can modify the no of Neg.Questions) Instantly the Service Manager/Works Manager will receive SMS stating the Same.