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95, Nirmal Skywin Mall, Rajaji Road, Peramanur, Salem

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SkoolDesk – Parents School Communication App

SkoolDesk – Parents School Communication App
Mobile Application
We make Parents stay connected with Schools.
Why SkoolDesk?
Now we are Living in the Digital India where almost everything is digitalised and Smartphones are used widely. So to capitalise on this, schools must use this app to stay connected with parents. Skool Desk App is a communication tool between the school and parents, which make sure all the required Information about the students day to day activites like homework and attendance etc is shared with parents. students performance in exams can also be tracked by parents with this app.
Features :
  • Parents can track real time information about their child with this app.
  • A single App for parents to track more than one child.
  • Parent – school relationship is strengthened when parents receive regular updates and notifications from the app. The skooldesk app stores centralised information of sll students.
  • Children can pack their notebooks according to the classes.
  • Parents can know about the home works and assignments through skooldesk.
  • We can access the performance of the students via skooldesk.
  • Enhanced data accuracy, high level data security and complete restoration.
  • Extremely easy to operate user Interface.
 Modules :
  • Homework – Parents can get details of home-work and class-work for the day even if the student didn’t go to school.
  • Attendance – As soon as attendance is published by the school parents will get real-time attendance notifications of their child .
  • Notifications – Never miss any message from your school. Get real-time notifications, messages, attachments and images.
  • Events – Upload audio/video attachments for live events held in class.
  • Marks – Now you can access exam marks and grades of your child directly through our App.
  • Profile – All the details of the students can be displayed including photo, parent details, teacher, details, address, class and contact number.