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95, Nirmal Skywin Mall, Rajaji Road, Peramanur, Salem

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Future Exam Software

Future Exam Software
Software Application
Enlighten the future of your Student.
  • This software is capable to Answer the undying efforts of the Schools as well as the Moderators who are working towards simplification and modernisation of the examination techniques.
  • This helps the School to Gain Edge over other schools by using this Software because in Future everything is going to be digitalised.
  • We can save lot of Time and Manpower at the sametime the quality of the Exam results are Highly Reliable .
  • Exams can be conducted offline in School permises and If needed Students Can write the exam from thier Home Online.
  • The Schools can also use this software as a Marketing Tool.
Features :
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Graphical test results and statistics
  • Analyse exam results from multiple front
  • Allows the students to practice unlimited tests
  • Students can be added either single or multiple
  • Multi purpose and valuable test settings
  • Heavily fortified and impossible to cheat
Benefits for Teachers :
  • Teachers does’nt want to do the Evaluation by themselves for every Students Because they are Automatically shown for Every Students.
  • Teachers can analyse the performance of every students and find their weakness in Specific Subject,Chapter and Lession.
  • This Sofware saves Teachers a Lot of Time and Energy.
  • Teachers can upload questions in Bulk and can also edit Them if they want anytime.
Benefits for Students :
  • By attending this kind of exams students are better prepared for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, CAT etc.
  • Students can sharpen their skills by taking regular tests in Less time.
  • They can see the correct Answers for the questions they have Answered wrongly and write the retest any number of times.
  • The Results are shown Grapically Immediately After Finishing the Exams.
 Modules we offer :
  • Admin panel
  • Institute panel
  • Student Panel
  • Teacher/HOD Panel
  • Exam Admin panel